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When I was 15 a friend fell as we were skating together. Within seconds, her hand started to swell and was very painful.  I said "Let me try something", I placed one hand above and one hand below her swollen wrist. After a few minutes, I removed my hands and we both couldn't believe that the swelling decreased and her pain was gone. We laughed about it and continued skating.


That was my introduction to the healing power of touch. 

In 1999, I received Reiki I training with Maureen Spencer, RN,M.Ed., CIC and I was hooked. One month later, I received Reiki II training and offered sessions to family and friends for the next year. Then it was time to receive my Reiki Master Practitioner training. Since the completion, I started helping clients in hospital settings and private practice as I am continuing to do so today. 

Throughout my career as a GYN-Oncology, infertility and maternal child health Registered Nurse, I continued to use the healing techniques I learned with Reiki to help promote healing, relaxation, and stress reduction. 

I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to the healing benefits of Reiki! 

Member: International Association of Reiki Practitioners

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