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Debbie is amazing! I’d been experiencing a lot of tension in my shoulders and legs as well as emotional stress from work. I’m already familiar with reiki and have 2 levels of certification as well, but I was having a little trouble preforming the treatments on myself and went online to find someone that could help. I found Debbie’s website and scheduled right away. I Left the session feeling so light and relieved from all the stress I was carrying. She infuses reiki with a little massage if you are comfortable with hands on treatment, and she has agreement forms for the appointment and Covid safety. I absolutely loved her warm and inviting personality as well as her home. The entire space felt like a peaceful dream. My week to follow felt a lot more manageable despite having a very busy schedule. I’ve already made another appointment and am looking forward to it.

-Tiffany V.

Rock in Sand

I started getting migraine headaches about 10 years ago and have been a regular user of prescription medication to abate the systems. My migraine headaches typically hit on a Saturday after a particularly stressful week, and while the medication easily knocks out the pain, the headaches often strike the following day and sometimes even the day after that.

One Saturday in early August, I was working as a volunteer at a large event with Debbie Dauer. I thought I felt the twinges of a headache in the early morning hours, but waited to take a pill. By noon, the headache had intensified, and Debbie offered to try Reiki. We weren't in an ideal location for a treatment. Instead of a quiet and soothing atmosphere, we were among crowds of people who were talking and laughing, and we were at the edge of the parking lot with cars coming and going. Despite all that, I felt my headache melt away with the touch of Debbie's fingertips. However, I was still exhausted from spending most of the day in pain. After the treatment, I drove home and fell fast asleep on my couch for about 6 hours. When I woke up, I was surprised I slept that long, but my headache seemed gone for good. Since that day, I've only had one migraine, I would normally have had at least two or three by now. 

-Linda F.

Forest Lake

This is a testimony in recognition of Debbie Dauer's performing reiki on me and healing me one evening. I was at work at Newton Wellesley Hospital. I work in the pharmacy department delivery meds to the floors, which can be about 25 lbs or better to be carried from floor to floor. While delivering meds to med room the door came back and hit me square in the center of my lower back. I was in pain immediately and it continuously got worse as the night progressed. I put up with the pain and the next day I was going to go to the emergency room to see a doctor. 


When I got to the floor where Debbie Dauer works, one of the women said to me "Let Debbie perform Reiki on you". Debbie laid her hands on my lower back for approximately 20 mins and I could feel the heat from her hands intensify and warm my whole back, down my legs to my heals. The pain slowly left my legs, my back and the lower part, and finally all the way up to my upper back. I was able to resume my shift of delivering meds and finish out the rest of the night with very little if not any pain. 


It has now been 2 months and I have had no problem with my back at all. I firmly believe in the Reiki medicine and would recommend it to anyone who has suffered pain on a constant basis or for whatever reason. I am going to see about have my mother who is 78 years old and suffered from back pain for many years being treated by Debbie. To me, that night she was definitely a Florence Nightingale. 

-Linnet K

My midwife gave me Debbie Dauer's name and told me she was a nurse with tremendous experience working with pregnant and postpartum women using a gentle hands on form of touch healing called Reiki.

I had severe chronic attacks of sciatic pain during my pregnancy. I tried physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, yoga, and steroid shots directly into my back. I had sessions with Debbie twice a week and nothing relieved the pain except Reiki. In the last few months of pregnancy my body felt less stressed and helped my body to remember the experience of Reiki which spilled over into the labor which was as joyous and natural as the first. 


Debbie is a gentle therapeutic presence herself and with the use of Reiki helped my body relax for the first time in months. 

-Julie K. 

Zen Stones

I have known Debbie since our college days. Over the years she talked about studying Reiki and how she was doing this for people and helping their pain. I was seriously doubtful about relieving pain through energy until I experienced it myself. 


Six weeks after a knee replacement surgery I was still having severe sciatica. I was in so much discomfort I could not stop moving. Debbie suggested a Reiki session and although relaxing, it did not sound easy because I have a hard time relaxing however, I had nothing to lose except the pain. 


During the session, I could actually feel the pain leaving my body. I was afraid to move afterward for fear that the pain would come back. Seven months later, the pain has not returned and I am still in awe of how effective it was with just one session.

- Joan R. 

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